Products and Prices

You can read about our products and services below. All services are charged on a monthly basis via Direct Debit and you need to complete an online Direct Debit mandate. This ensures that your services will always automatically renew until you cancel them. Any price changes will be notified to you via email 3 months prior to the change taking effect.

Domain Registration

Domain regisration has a monthly consideration but is renewed annually with the registration body. Renewal is performed automatically by our system. There is an initial charge for the first year.


12.50 initial charge then 1.00 per month for ongoing automatic renewal. or .uk

9.50 initial charge then 1.00 per month for ongoing automatic renewal.


30.00 initial charge then 2.25 per month for ongoing automatic renewal.


Between the ranges above. We don't offer all endings because some of the registrars adopted a policy of charging too much.

Logo Design

  • 5 different logo ideas turned around in 3 business days

  • Designs supplied as vector files for web and print

  • Unlimited revisions and redraws

  • Money back guarantee

  • No clipart each design is unique

  • 150 or include stationery design for 200

Web Design

There is a wide scope in this section. You can use one of our templates with some standard icons and graphics at no cost, or you can supply your own graphics, photos and artwork at no cost, or you can have a bespoke look and feel created for your site for 500.

Website Hosting

All our websites are provided on a SaaS basis and built using an advanced Content Management System that runs on the Microsoft Azure platform. Our service includes:

  • High performance hosting, ensuring your online presence is fast and effective 24 hours per day. Average response time guaranteed in 90th centile.

  • Nightly backups.

  • Feature rich email accounts, with IMAP, webmail and mobile phone support.

  • Client maintainable websites easily updated via our CMS.

We offer websites for a range of functionality:

  • Online Shop. Includes Google Shopping Feed.

  • Brochure Sites

  • Photographer Sites (With customer facilities)

  • Estate Agency and Letting Agency site (With property upload facilities)

  • RSS News Feed

  • On site forum

  • Secure members area of site

  • Booking System

  • We support all the major UK payment gateways: NOCHEX, WorldPay, Protx, ePDQ, PayPal

Hosting prices based on usage. 2 per month plus 1 per month per 500 (or part thereof) visitors (e.g. minimum charge 3 per month for up to 500 visitors. 500-1000 visitors would be 4 per month, etc). Visitors measured by unique IP address.

Website Build

The total cost for this depends on the complexity of the website you require and is based on the time it will take. The rate charged for this is 50 per hour, in quarter hour blocks, so the minimum charge is 12.50. If you supply content to us in the format we specify then it is perfectly reasonable for us to load 5 to 10 pages with the content in 15 minutes.

Cloud Solutions

  • Cloud Backup. Daily (Nightly) incremental backup. 1 per month.

  • Cloud Drives. May be shared between any number of users. 20 per drive per month. 5GB.

Hosted Email Platform

Our own offering gives advanced feature email at very reasonable prices:

  • Starting at 1.75 per mailbox, reducing with larger requirements.

  • Powerful spam filtering

  • POP3, IMAP, Webmail and Mobile Phone (WAP) access

  • 5 GigaBytes Storage included per mailbox

  • Can integrate with our other hosted offerings

  • Calendar included. Can integrate with iPhone and Android Phone Calendars (software purchase required on Android).

We can also provide support for other hosted or on-site solutions.

Microsoft Products

  • We offer license keys for all standard Microsoft Business products at standard prices.

Email Newsletter Solutions

  • Advanced Email Newsletter Platform including comprehensive statistics about your mailings.

  • Includes newsletter templates.

  • Integrates with your website.

  • Automatic control of opt-in lists.

  • Build and Send your own campaigns.

  • Mailout costs 1.50 plus 0.2p per recipient

SMS application solutions

  • Send SMS to your customers

  • Integrate SMS with your web applications

  • Receive SMS from your customers

  • Text cost 10p per SMS message sent

Guaranteed website visitors

Description: For a monthly fee we can guarantee the delivery of visitors from search engines by using a combination of SEO and advertising to promote your site.
Cost: Cost per visitor set depending on market sector. Average 300 per month for guaranteed 1500 visitors. 500 per month for guaranteed 2500 visitors.

Setup/Administrative costs

If you want us to maintain your website for you then we charge 50 per hour for ad-hoc suport or offer a subscription service at 12.50 per hour, starting at 50 per month for 4 hours. This includes domain registration and hosting (up to 5000 visitors per month) for the supported website if you are using our own hosting. Support is also offered on these terms if you have your own hosting provider - solutions supported are Wordpress, Joomla, under Apache Linux variants or IIS under Windows. This is also offerred for SaaS solutions such as Squarespace.

On site support

Depending on your location we can provide desktop/laptop support either ourselves or through our support partners. Prices depend on location and what the extent of the support is that you require - please enquire for futher details.

Some simple examples

  • You want a domain name and a simple website of a few pages with one of our set designs/layouts with content you will supply. You already have your logo and stationery designed. This is just so you have an initial presence on the web so there won't immediately be a large number of visitors. Setup cost 22.00 (9.50 domain plus 15mins = 12.50 loading content). Monthly cost 4.00 (domain + hosting + vistor allowance). So 26.00 for the first month then ongoing 4.00 per month.

  • You want a simple website as above plus a single email account on our email platform. Setup cost 26.00. Monthly cost 5.75 per month (As above plus one email account).

  • You want the above plus you want us to design you a logo for general use on your stationery and website. 226.00 setup plus 5.75 per month.

  • You want a bespoke designed website with logo and stationery design. You want a guaranteed 1500 visitors per month. 726.00 setup plus 307.75 per month (estimate based on industry average visitor cost).

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